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If you bought a new phone it is necessary to transfer all files from your old phone to your new one. You need to transfer contacts and all related information such as job title, company name and email address. Before you transfer information from HTC to iPhone with MobileTrans, it is important to know what is MobileTrans? MobileTrans is specially developed for all phone users and supports over 3,000 phones including all models of iPhone, Symbian, Lumia and Android. New smart phones such as Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge+ / Note 5 , MOTO X (Style / Play), iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 6 Plus / 6 / 5S / 5C, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, LG G4, LG V10, Huawei Nexus 6P, Huawei Mate S and HTC One (A9 / M9 / M8) / HTC One (E9 / E8) will all be supported.

With MobileTrans all of the transferred files will be of full quality. You don't need to worry about personal information leak since the tool is risk-free. MobileTrans can help you transfer other files such as call logs, calendar, SMS text messages, music, video, photos and even apps in just one click. In addition, the MobileTrans can move data between multiple phones based on all Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS. Follow the below mentioned steps that explain how to transfer information from HTC to iPhone with MobileTrans:

Step 1:

You can download this powerful HTC to iPhone 6 Plus data transfer tool – MobileTrans, and the free version of it can also enable you to have a try. Just choose the correct version of it depending on your operating system of your computer and have a download. Install it and run it over your phone.

Step 2:

After the installation, double-click the shortcut on your desktop to open MobileTrans on your computer. When the primary window pops up, just click Start button to go into Phone to Phone Transfer window for HTC to iPhone 6 Plus data transfer.

Step 3:

Connect your HTC Desire and iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus to the computer via USB cables. Be careful not getting them disconnected during the transfer.

Step 4:

MobileTrans will identify your two devices and show them on the screen. Just tick off all contents you want such as music, photos, contacts, calendar, videos, SMS text messages and so on. Finally, click Start Copy button and all your personal data will be transferred from HTC into the new iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus.


HTC to iPhone Transfer HTC to iPhone with Move to iOS App

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Before you start you need make sure that you must a high speed internet connection. Plug your new iOS device and your Android device in to power. You need to be sure that the information which you are transferring must have enough space on your new iOS device. In case you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks, update to the latest version of Chrome on your Android device. With simple few steps, you can migrate your content automatically and securely from your Android device with the Move to iOS app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from Android. The Move to iOS app securely transfers all kinds of content, which includes: Contacts, Message history, Camera photos and videos, Web bookmarks, Mail accounts and Calendars.

Once you start transferring the contacts your new iPhone or iPad will create a private Wi-Fi network and find your nearby Android device running. Move to iOS. After you enter a security code, it will begin transferring your content and put it in the right places. Just like that. Once your content has been transferred, you're ready to get going. iOS will also set up your default mail account. Below all the few steps that best explains how to transfer HTC to iPhone with Move to iOS App.

Step 1:

Download the Move to iOS app.

Step 2:

Transfer your content easily and safely over Wi‑Fi.

Step 3:

Once your content has been transferred, you're ready to get going. iOS will set up your default mail account. And soon, it will also add any free and paid apps you already own to your iTunes Wish List.


HTC to iPhone Alternative Apps Which Can Transfer HTC to iPhone

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1. Syncios Transfer Tool

Key Features:

  • Transfer files from one phone to another.
  • Manage your Internet storage account.
  • Optimize phone contents with single touch.

User Reviews:

  • With the new version of Syncios Transfer Tool you can easily transfer contacts from HTC from iPhone. Thanks to the developers.
  • Really helpful app. Transfers all the data in less time.
  • Recommend this app for everyone. Transfers all the information in few steps .

Simple Steps to Transfer from HTC to iPhone with Syncios Transfer Tool

  1. Download and install the Syncios Transfer Tool on your PC.
  2. Run the Android to iPhone data transfer tool on the computer. There are three models: Phone to Phone Transfer; Backup to Computer; Restore to Cell Phone. Select Phone to Phone Transfer and simply click Start button to move content from Android to iPhone.
  3. Connect both your Android device and iPhone to the computer with USB Cables. Please wait for a while for the devices to be detected. Once detected, the devices will be displayed in the window.
  4. Please make sure iPhone is in the Target Device pane. The program will load the files on your source Android phone. Once your devices have been detected, all of the items: photos, music, video, E-books, notes, contacts would be checked automatically.

Download link: http://www.syncios.com/download.html

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2. iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Key Features:

  • With iSkysoft phone transfer tool, you can fast and easily transfer your HTC contacts, messages, photos, videos and music files to your new iPhone device.
  • The data is stored on your HTC internal storage or external microSD card

User Reviews:

  • Amazing app. Helpful for transferring the data.
  • Thanks to the developers. Wonderful app. Recommend for everyone.
  • Best way to transfer contacts HTC from iPhone.

Simple Steps to Transfer from HTC to iPhone with iSkysoft Phone Transfer

  1. Install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer in your computer or laptop. Open the program and go to the phone to phone transfer window.
  2. You can then proceed to select the contents which you would want to copy by checking on the boxes available in the window in the middle. Once you are done with the checking, click on the "Start Copy" button. The program is now copying the data.

Download link: http://www.iskysoft.com/phone-transfer/phone-to-phone.html

So, if you are searching for apps that help to transfer data from HTC to iPhone. Follow the above mentioned apps with their steps.



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